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We eliminate the day-to-day context switching for DevOps teams by making complex DevOps processes that require manual work easily accessible to end-users using simple conversations with proper guardrails.

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Which deployment should i pull the logs for

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How a fintech unicorn reduced DevOps toil by 70%

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Kubiya intended for?

Kubiya helps solve the two sides of the Dev <> Ops exchange. For Developers and Business users who suffer from context switching and waiting in ticket queues, Kubiya offers a virtual assistant equipped with out-the-box organizational knowledge and access to actions and workflows that frees them to operate securely without the friction. For DevOps Engineers seeking some relief from context switching and over-burdening service requests, Kubiya offers the perfect teammate to augment all the heavy lifting while keeping things fun, engaging and above board.

Is this for Developers, DevOps, Platform Engineering users?

Both actually. AI-augmentation is all inclusive, and advanced users can benefit from easy access to context gathering, access requests, and complex operations without all the context switching, effectively taking the least fun part of their day-to-day and offload it to someone else. As an a less experienced user, Kubiya offers the super powers that one would require to be up to speed in no time while operating like a pro.

How is Kubiya licensed?

Kubiya believes in partnering with our customers and building value with a user-based license with no minimum commitments*. Why seat based? Simply put, because we know our users will see 10x increase in their daily productivity using Kubiya and therefore we are comfortable allowing customers to put our product to the test. Our average customer has seen 5-10X ROI of a Kubiya license over the cost of a junior DevOps engineer.

*Certain features require a minimum Support Tier or License.

Is Kubiya free?

Kubiya offers a 14 day free trial period of the Team Plan and reverts to a Freemium plan thereafter, however all Team features are charges as a user-based license fee on an ongoing basis.

Does Kubiya Offer a Self-Hosted Version?

Kubiya offers a hybrid-SaaS deployment model as part of the Enterprise features, where customers can run all Local Runners from their own infrastructure and host a Vector Database themselves, so that this was all company and customer data is always in control of the customer, and no data is being passed to managed LLM providers for training.

Is Kubiya a Secure solution?

While Kubiya is not a complete replacement for Privileged Access Management solutions, our Just-In-Time policy manager and ABAC enforcer offers fine grained access controls and allows organizations to operate with greater freedom and agility while elevating their security posture. Kubiya is SOC II Type 2 compliant and as part of our Shared Responsibility model, we allow customers to run all actions using a Local Runners and host their own Database for the LLMs in order to seed maximum control back to our customers. Your Data, Your rules.